My name is Agata Biała, I was born in Grodno, Belarus. My passion and love for art led me to develop my skills at a classical art school in Grodno, and then expand my knowledge in Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. Here I received a Master’s Degree in Interior Design, specializing in Cultural Landscape. During my studies I started working at the Ako Architekci office in Gdansk, where in two years I gained experience in the design and supervision of an active construction. Last year I’ve focused on cognition furniture design and exploring new technologies in this area.  At that time, I cooperated with reliable contractors and suppliers, to whom I am still connected, not only from the Pomeranian region, but from the whole of Poland.

I was born in Belarus, but I have Polish and Russian roots. I love Portugal for it’s traditional visual exuberance, also I keep close to me German functionalism (which I studied for half a year at Fachhochschule Mainz). While designing the fact that I can combine these elements, creating a consistent and unique interior still impresses me.